Registration for the Sept 16-17, 2023 Flea Market is open.
Please read the "Becoming A Vendor" before registering.
Click Here For Map!
The map does not show availability, just location. Each location is grouped as seperate checkouts.
Need assistance with signing up?
Instructional Video Here
Important Information!
Outside Spaces are 15 ft x 15 ft
Spaces are not held without full payment
You may begin your set up on Thursday and Friday,
however you must arrive between 8am and 5pm.
Food vendors have a separate registration process,
fill out the Flea Market Food Vendor Form for consideration.
No drinks or food to be sold by vendors.
For a full set of event guidelines, please read the "Becoming A Vendor" or reach out to us at:
Call 540-674-2754 x2, email or message us on Facebook for help.
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